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"When R&G Calls, It’s Like Santa Came"

“ The single biggest positive impact in our practices over the past year is our strong bond with our rep Nick and the whole Redmond and Greer gang. When I get a call from Redmond and Greer, though, it’s honestly like Santa came. It’s an absolute highlight of the day.”

-Dave from Pharmacy Proud

"Rep Has A High Sense Of Urgency"

“The customer service is the best of all secondary wholesalers. The rep is knowledgeable and has a high sense of urgency. She will always reply to me even outside of normal hours. Their shipment is always on time”

-Owner, Independent Pharmacist

"R&G Can Get Products That Are Hard To Get "

“I am very satisfied with R&G. They have amazing communication and are very responsive. R&G can also get products that are often hard to get in pain and topical medication”

– VP of Sales, Independent Pharmacy

"The Service From R&G Is The Best"

“I will definitely continue to use R&G. The rep makes the biggest difference, and the service from R&G is the best I have seen in any distributor. The rep is very accommodating and gives me information beyond what she needs to be doing”

– Owner, Independent Pharmacy