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Founded by a pharmacist for pharmacists, Redmond & Greer provides valuable industry insights and a supply of differentiated products for independent pharmacies focused on making meaningful contributions to their communities, partners, and families.

Pharmacist Founded


We provide valuable industry insights and access to the products that benefit your customers and business.


Our breadth of offerings includes comprehensive product knowledge and a team that puts service and compliance above all else.


Redmond & Greer Pharmacy Supply provides an array of expert services for pharmacies nationwide.

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"When R&G Calls, It’s Like Santa Came"

“ The single biggest positive impact in our practices over the past year is our strong bond with our rep Nick and the whole Redmond and Greer gang. When I get a call from Redmond and Greer, though, it’s honestly like Santa came. It’s an absolute highlight of the day.”

-Dave from Pharmacy Proud

"Rep Has A High Sense Of Urgency"

“The customer service is the best of all secondary wholesalers. The rep is knowledgeable and has a high sense of urgency. She will always reply to me even outside of normal hours. Their shipment is always on time”

-Owner, Independent Pharmacist

"R&G Can Get Products That Are Hard To Get "

“I am very satisfied with R&G. They have amazing communication and are very responsive. R&G can also get products that are often hard to get in pain and topical medication”

– VP of Sales, Independent Pharmacy

"The Service From R&G Is The Best"

“I will definitely continue to use R&G. The rep makes the biggest difference, and the service from R&G is the best I have seen in any distributor. The rep is very accommodating and gives me information beyond what she needs to be doing”

– Owner, Independent Pharmacy